About Counselling

When we have a problem we often want to talk to someone who is not going to judge us

Talking to friends or family you may be afraid of what they might think or be worried about upsetting them. They may also have their own agenda about what you should do. This can make it hard to be completely honest or open about what is happening and block our ability to fully understand what is going on.

Seeing a trained counsellor is an opportunity to speak to someone who will not judge you and will seek to understand you. Over time you can build a trusting relationship with them where they can offer a more impartial point of view. It is my belief that it is the quality of this relationship between the counsellor and client that helps us to marshal our own resources to find a resolution or make changes.


Experience & Qualifications

I currently work in private practice and Focus Counselling. In my practice I work with clients who come with a wide range of issues and from diverse backgrounds. I have extensive experience of working with issues such as depression, anxiety, bereavement, anger, stress, trauma and abuse, domestic violence, sexual issues, eating disorders and relationship issues. My previous counselling experience includes working as a therapist in the NHS, a school, in an eating disorder clinic and for the charity Woman’s Trust.

I am a UKCP and EAP accredited psychotherapist with a MSc in the person-centred approach from the Metanoia Institute (UK). I also have an MSc in Experimental Psychology from the University of Cambridge. I have further expertise in trauma and the criminal justice system including conducting research into the impact of childhood maltreatment on brain development at University College London (UCL) and working for the charity Switchback.

Contact me to find out more or to arrange an initial session


My fees are £65 a session. I am happy to discuss concessions for people who are on a low-income or retired.



I currently offer both face to face and online sessions. I am based near Frome in Somerset.